For most homeowners, you would notice that a massive threat to the aesthetic value of your deck is the carpenter bees. Carpenter Bees are of excellent use to the environment as they are agents of pollination causing reproduction in the environment and as such need to continue to survive and they have their survival at the detriment of our wooden decks. There are very many who have been looking for a lasting solution to these pesticide resistant bugs and a few proven methods exist which would be elaborated in the next few lines. As much as these bugs cause damage to the decks and woods they are still of immense value to the environment. Below are some of the methods you can use to bring a stop to the unpleasantness the carpenter bees brings.

The first thing you should try for your decks is to make them from different other materials, say PVC, this is an entirely different material from wood and is not in any way susceptible to the bees. Another material you can use is a composite decking, and with these materials, you would have to spend less in trying to maintaining your deck every year. Some people cannot afford to have their decks made from any material apart other than pressure treated wood; they prefer the traditional look and carpenter bees do not deter their use of wood, for such people other tips are relevant for them.

This is also very important for those who love the wood made deck. You should know that a way of preventing carpenter bees is to make sure your wood is stained and stained properly, if you do this correctly then it would make it difficult for the bees to reach the actual wood. If your wood has been stained for years, you should also try to make sure you make recent staining so that your wood is not open to the attack. Also, note that when your wood is left unfinished, you leave them open to attacks from the bees but giving them a perfect finish and painting makes them protected from these bugs.

This is a remedy for those who already have a hole in their wood. What you need to do is to get a newspaper and stuff it into the hole made by the bees. Usually, the holes are about 1-2 inches deep, that’s how deep carpenter bees chew the wood before finding a suitable angle to start laying their eggs. So stuff the wood with paper, and you could use a nail to make it fit well into the hole.
You can likewise try a different method by applying putty into the hole firmly after this is done you can now repaint your wood giving it a perfect finish, so it looks like it was without a hole.
These are some of the methods you can use to protect your deck; you never have to be confused as to what to do anymore all you need is knowledge, and you can have things fixed.

Another home remedy is to mix equal parts water and vinegar. Spray bee’s using a spray bottle. Be advised this will piss off the bee’s. As a man who works on decks all the time having to stain around bee hives. You don’t want to play with pissed off bee’s. Be prepared to run.

Biggest thing we recommend is to regularly maintain your Deck. If you need help were here for you give us a CALL

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