free stain with pergola build


a pergola is a structure built to provide overhead shade.

It is usually supported on four sides by vertical posts that hold in place a lattice of wooden members.

Some pergolas are attached to the house at one side with a ledger board


Pergolas and other overhead structures are subject to building codes.

While intended only for shade, these structures often support hanging swings.

Depending on the design, slats overhead intended for shade may be close enough to support bridging snow.

Due to the structure of some snowflakes, snow is able to bridge over gaps as big as 4 inches or more.

Snow piling up on a pergola likens it to that of a roof.

Even without snow bridging possibilities, many building authorities will assign a minimum of 20 psf live load for the structure to support.

How to stain a pergola

For clear, toner, and semi-transparent stains, apply one thin coat with a high-quality brush, roller, paint pad, or spray.

For solid stains, apply two thin coats of deck stain with a brush, roller, or paint pad. ​

To avoid lap marks, apply to a few boards at a time, keeping a wet edge.